Depression and early intervention in schools

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A student’s ability to adhere to their tertiary education may be influenced by a variety of factors such as stress, depression, and lack of support. As a result, many students begin school with limited life experience and may be unable to navigate the unfamiliar environment. It’s not uncommon for students’ academic performance to be negatively affected by emotional disturbances. Due to psychological factors, some may even drop out completely. “College students frequently report loneliness, homesickness, conflict and distress in interpersonal relationships” 

By Sharilynn Hanslo

Early intervention

A program’s success can be adversely affected by psychological approaches. Having access to more qualified health professionals is important, since students who are severely depressed or suicidal may require different counseling methods than those who are struggling academically. The focus of most colleges is primarily on student academic results, not their psychological well-being, so many students do not seek help or develop new study methods when they are struggling. In order to succeed, getting good grades is not enough. As a result, it is imperative to equip students with skills that transcend not just their educational experience but also their lives after they graduate. 

Engaging in a psychosocial wellness seminar has many benefits. Research has indicated that psychological factors are essential determinants in a student’s success. Because educational institutions are structured around the conceptual building blocks of learning and development, they are an excellent place to educate and assist students with emotional and psychological issues. 

It is actually surprising that mental health as a subject has not yet become a mandatory subject in schools. In spite of the fact that depression kills as many people as diabetes each year, free mental health services are often not provided. Career counselors and school counselors may be available in some schools, but providing these services can be costly; however it is certainly something that needs to be discussed further and perhaps implemented between government health services and educational boards. 

The Embark Behavioral Health network offers preteen, teen, and young adult mental health treatment at outpatient centers and residential communities. Their missiin aims at minimising and reducing teen and young adult anxiety, depression, and suicide by 2028. Check out their website here. visit

In today’s society, mental health issues have an impact on social and economic development. As students progress through their lives, they encounter various changes and often feel pressured to succeed. This pressure can adversely affect their performance and mental health. 

As a result the responsibility to obtain academic competence to succeed does not fall on the student or the education system solely. Although it is the student’s responsibility to seek assistance when needed, schools should provide easily accessible resources for students. It is the responsibility of the government and the education system to provide adequate learning conditions. Despite hard work, there will always be students who will drop out of college to find the pressure of it too much to handle, many may even choose a different career path, regardless of the outcome remember that college and being a teen is just another stage of your life, not the only one. 

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