“The modern society” Social media and technology.

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This article focuses on the brief history of technology, and its impact on modern day socio-economic development. 

Technological parasitism

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Technological parasitism explains relationships between technology and the evolution of complex systems that influence technological development and describes the relationships between technology and the underlying evolution of complex systems that lead to technological progress. It proposes a model to analyze the interaction between a host technology (system) and a parasitic technology (subsystem) in order to explain the evolutionary pathway of technologies as complex systems.Similarly to how sociology studies society in theories such as structural function.

Technology & society

Mankind’s production patterns and lifestyles have changed profoundly since every major technological revolution. The use of IT, Ai, and self-learning machinery allows people to break their past reliance on conventional means of transportation and medium of communication as well as expand their scope of personal and professional development.

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Technology has impacted society exponentially over the last decade in terms of growth, influence, and impact. Smartphones have transformed the way we communicate and conduct business, as well as redefined the way we form relationships online. Although technology can never replace human connection it encompasses the essence of modern-day communication, it permeates every aspect of our everyday lives, showing no signs of slowing down.

Post modern technology

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We have effectively been using technology for a really long time, roughly more than two million years when our ancestors began constructing tools out of stone. As a species, we have always evolved and strived towards going where no man has gone before, and by that, I don’t mean Ikea on a weekend cos you’d have to crazy to go to IKEA on a weekend. Although there’s some debate regarding the exact number, there are up to ten accepted technological ages throughout history that as influenced modern-day technological changes. Such as the Neolithic, Chalcolithic. Bronze Age and Iron Age. Many of which contributed to modern-day technological evolution, medical advancements, self-facing cameras, and the Kardashians.

Data analytics and algorithms

“In the most general sense, an algorithm is a series of instructions telling a computer how to transform a set of facts about the world into useful information. The facts are data, and the useful information is knowledge for people, instructions for machines”.

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You may have seen videos online talking about ‘ beating the algorithm” but what does that mean exactly. What is an algorithm? An algorithm is a finite sequence of instructions typically used to solve problems or perform computations. Algorithms can be expressed in a well-defined formal language for calculating a function. The transition from one state to the next is not necessarily deterministic; some algorithms incorporate random input

Data analytics is able to turn patterns and produce measurable data and variables for studies in order to be analyzed. With data mining, we are able to do this much faster than before. This data is often the result of assimilative patterns that are recognized by artificial intelligence as an algorithm.

Artificial intelligence

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Since society is advancing technologically, some may believe AI poses a threat to the workforce by replacing human resources. However, the development of Ai is still heavily reliant on human input since machine learning is dependant on programming. People will soon be able to speak in their preferred language without fear of miscommunication, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Machine learning models will be able to recognize context, nuance, and colloquialisms ensuring better communication.

Communication and technology

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Communication is the most vital aspect as it provides a link between people and information. Efficient communication provides clarity and meaningful expression of ideas in a thoughtful and respectful manner, It also helps build stronger relationships through mutual respect, and understanding. Moreover, when communication is expressed in a clear and efficient manner it provides a sense of unity, particularly when a multi-cultural team is working on one project. Ai bridges the gap between individuals and groups by allowing information to be shared without language restrictions, ultimately ensuring a better more efficient transfer of information between various sectors such as Human resources, finance department, marketing, Design, etc.

Artificial intelligence and algorithms are also able to assist enabled doctors and hospitals to analyze data better and customize their health care to each patient’s genes, environment, and lifestyle. Thus merging technology with educational and various other specialized fields is beneficial and essential to help develop and promote more efficient medical treatments and better quality of life. Thus, Artificial intelligence will continue to act as a technological innovator for the foreseeable future. As a society, we are becoming more interconnected than ever. Technological innovation, self-learning machines, and Communication are essential for global cross-cultural information sharing, collaboration, and business development

Mental health and technology

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Developing strategies to minimize psychological distress with the use of technology is the future.

Technology usage is often negatively associated with mental health. However, developing strategies to minimize psychological distress with the use of technology is the future. It simply requires a better understanding of how we can use technology to improve our lives. The negative repercussions of excess technological use, such as the use of social media apps and its effect on long-term mental health are widely debated however technology can be beneficial in advancing research towards mental health treatments.

Diagnosing mental illnesses and understanding what drives human behavior has become more critical than ever; with the use of technology, we can now analyze large amounts of data through data mining. Analyzing data faster allows scientists and various experts information enabling them to create more effective treatments. AI technology also provides people access to therapy through the use of technology such as online therapy. It has the potential to diagnose and treat various conditions. 

Regulating Ethical use of Technolgical

It’s important to view the evolution of technology through the lens of optimistic innovation but also through the lens of caution by evaluating its positive and negative effects on societysubjectively. Technological advancements can improve economic functionality but can also disrupt the social structure and create inequality if not regulated.

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Moreover, there are studies that provide anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that long-term technological use and social media’s effects on mental health can produce unpredictable side effects ranging from depression, feelings of inadequacy, and demotivation. However, since protocols for ethical technological use are still within the early inception of implementation, most corporations are still unclear on what ethical technological use should be defined as.

However, in recent years Youtube and Facebook have increased enforced stricter regulations for posting content on the platform by prohibiting specific activity including: “Violence and Criminal Behavior,” “Safety,” “Objectionable Content,” “Integrity and Authenticity,” “Respecting Intellectual Property,” and “Content-Related Requests.” There have also been other platforms such as youtube which allows viewers to flag or report any illegal content as well as report bullying or online harassment. With that said, ethical regulations regarding technology usage are still murky and hard to understand. However, the internet is a vast and complex landscape that’s constantly changing, any protocol set in place to protect users is a step in the right direction.

Does technology pose a threat?

As the world’s technology increases, it also poses a number of new challenges. Technology is often viewed as a double-edged sword that offers solutions to global issues, innovation, and sustainability, but technology is equally responsible for mental health issues and environmental problems. Technology has contributed to environmental destruction through overconsumption and the use of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels (eg, nuclear power, coal, and drilling for oil, otherwise known as fracking) which is known to cause earthquakes and impact marine life.

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There is sufficient data to provide anecdotal evidence to support both the pros and cons of technology use. Technology has been used to create destruction, conserve, and preserve, pushing mankind towards constant innovation and progress. Therefore, technology isn’t bad or good, but rather a result of how and who controls it. Therefore it’s worth debating whether technology is bad or if it’s the way we use it.

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