Fostering a healthy learning environment and the importance of friendships

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College preparation should include good work ethic and time management skills, but some students may still struggle to balance their social and academic responsibilities. University students are frequently burned out, so universities must provide adequate support for those who need it.  


Learning the importance of friendships in college

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Academic development, knowledge acquisition, and self-esteem can be influenced by supportive interactions with peers. In addition to improving your social life during your undergraduate or graduate education, college friendships can also enhance your career prospects. Friendships have a profound effect on your mental health and happiness. Friendships provide comfort, happiness, and prevent loneliness and isolation. They relieve stress and provide comfort and joy. It is also possible to improve your physical health by developing close friendships.

Student retention

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Low attendance rates may be caused in part by schools that are unable to advise. It may be a sign that there are serious problems at the college if students cannot succeed, whether it is a lack of motivated students or low-quality instructors. While more schools are becoming aware of the detrimental effects of psychological distress on student performance and retention, they still enforce and even celebrate competition among students. Those who struggle academically or socially can be adversely affected by such an environment.

There is a risk that many people may develop a sense of inadequacy and lose motivation, which consequently negatively impacts their academic performance. It is common for students to skip classes or drop out entirely due to these factors. It is true that the world is competitive, but schools should also teach students to engage and learn from each other, fostering a healthy collaborative learning environment. Providing healthy environments that engage students but also allow them to see their struggles as opportunities for advancement instead of viewing them as obstacles can greatly increase student retention. 

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