Fintech vs traditional banking

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Is brand loyalty gone? Synergy between finance and technology appears to be the future. The banking system has held on to its traditional banking system and outdated ideology that bankers are loyal and unlikely to leave, resulting in a banking system that didn’t feel a need to invest much time in tailing its products.  Today’s […]

Depression and early intervention in schools

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A student’s ability to adhere to their tertiary education may be influenced by a variety of factors such as stress, depression, and lack of support. As a result, many students begin school with limited life experience and may be unable to navigate the unfamiliar environment. It’s not uncommon for students’ academic performance to be negatively […]

Fostering a healthy learning environment and the importance of friendships

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College preparation should include good work ethic and time management skills, but some students may still struggle to balance their social and academic responsibilities. University students are frequently burned out, so universities must provide adequate support for those who need it.   Learning the importance of friendships in college Academic development, knowledge acquisition, and self-esteem can […]

Top 1O high-earning college majors 

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College tip Shadowing programs are highly recommended before deciding on a particular Major. There have been a number of instances when students chose academic paths that did not match their interests.  As a result, you can get a sense of what to expect regarding course work, campus culture and the level of interest you may have in a […]