The problem with toxic motivation. By Sharilynn H

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One of the most dangerous things about toxic motivation is telling people it’s not ok, to not be ok – however, it’s OK, to not always be ok. Context I have written a few articles on the subject of motivation and productivity, however, the main premise of my articles emphasizes the importance of balance. Motivation […]

Easy guide to starting a project

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Tools to help you effectively start a project through structured planning This article focuses on structured planning to get started on any projects. Structured planning is a tool often used when dealing with complex projects and elaborate frameworks by breaking down tasks into groups to effectively execute task management. Tools to help you effectively start […]

Romantic Summer/spring styles. By Sharilynn H

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The only thing to care about this season is summer, style, peace of mind, and cute dresses. Smock dresses The Smock dress is all the rage this summer, but they are nothing new. It’s a style that dates back to the 18th century, and during the early 2000s, they also knew a peasant dress since […]

Wake-up pretty. Seven products that help you glow up while you sleep By Sharilynn H

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Today’s goals: Coffee and kindness People often say beauty is on the inside; this is true; how we feel about ourselves often expresses itself outwards. Looking and feeling beautiful is often a result of adopting healthier habits and lifestyle choices. I‘ve selected products I’ve tried and tested that offer benefits both physically and psychologically. A […]

The early sexualization of Billie Eilish’s and Britney Spears. Has anything changed in the misogynist industry? Sharilynn H

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Body confidence, or pandering to a misogynist industry still dominated by wealthy men? I explore the media’s obsession with the early sexual objection of women. “The effect on young girls and adolescents is most profound, the American Psychological Association (APA) says, because “their sense of self is still being formed“ The hypersexualization of children Many […]

The comfort zone and the science behind motivation.

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The purpose of this article is to learn skills to improve productivity and motivation within your personal and professional life. It also explores the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. Below I explore how the comfort zone influences motivation, Procrastination, and the importance of intrinsically motivated activities. This article is me sharing the […]