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Tools to help you effectively start a project through structured planning

This article focuses on structured planning to get started on any projects. Structured planning is a tool often used when dealing with complex projects and elaborate frameworks by breaking down tasks into groups to effectively execute task management. Tools to help you effectively start a project through structured planning

Starting a new project -Where to start?

How often don’t we start a project only to get sidetracked and forget to complete it? There are often two places that people find challenging when it comes to creativity, productivity, and task completion. That being the challenge of finding inspiration to start a project and finding inspiration to complete it. However, with structured planning, you are likely to stay motivated and complete a task more effectively. Structured planning allows you to keep track of goals encouraging motivation and productivity.

How effective is structured planning?

Effectiveness depends on various factors like time, expendable budget, environment, functionality, etc. Structural planning may be very effective in helping you achieve goals once you’ve determined what you want and how you plan to achieve it. A good structural plan should fit your skill level, budget, and schedule. Structural planning and suitable, long-term sustainable methods go hand in hand. With that said, it’s important to brainstorm ideas and thoroughly research things like material, time, and cost. The goal is practical long-term sustainability that suits your lifestyle and schedule.


The methodology of structured planning makes use of various tools to help you develop, manage and integrate effective strategies into project developments in order to achieve sustainability that’s both practical and effective. Structural management techniques and tools may differ in their approach. Although the concept of structural planning is mostly used in the urban sector, its planning can be used in various sectors such as home improvement, long-term sustainable development projects as well as scheduling daily tasks.

planning Tools- Note books

Not books are an affordable option, you can be as creative as you like. You can turn a ordinary notebook into a home decor project. Turn your projects into your very own personalized step-by-step guide filled with a personalized day planner, schedule, and home decor ideas. For creative journal, ideas check out my article on ordered tasks at the bottom of the article.

Organization apps

Planning is often the part that consumes the most time since it involves many different things. The format of structured planning may depend on various factors like deadlines and budget. However, there are apps that assist with the planning process.

I’m a huge advocate for using technology productively, below is a list of the most productive apps you can use to help you start a project and help you get more organized. My favorite apps to use are Evernote and one-note. There are two leading contenders when it comes to efficient office planning software apps, that being Microsoft’s OneNote and the independent Evernote.

Evernote -Launched in 2003. Keep important info handy by syncing your notes to all your devices. Add text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and documents to your notes. Express yourself with formatting tools that help you plan the way your mind works.

One note-Create notebook and sections on OneDrive from your Android devices. Share web content, articles, images, videos, and files with OneNote. Quickly capture your thoughts with Sticky Notes. Get to your most recent notes right from your phone’s Home screen with the OneNote Recent widget.

Evernote vs one note- which is better

When it comes to pricing, OneNote is the better choice. Compared to Evernote’s free version, OneNote has all of its advanced features available for free and it doesn’t limit your bandwidth or note size. You can also become a paid MS Office 365 user for even more storage and Office apps.

Design kits -Using structual planning for design projects

Structural planning is used in various sectors from architecture, interior design, to various types of engineering. The development of a structural plan can be complex, or simple depending on the nature of the project. however, the primary goal of structural planning is aimed at coordinating long-term effective ideas that work towards a common goal. Below is a list of home design tools to help you create floor plans and interior designs for your home using furniture layout kits.

Use templates

Before I began taking on the task of “home improvement,” I made a list of what I wanted to achieve in a template I created. The template is free and available on my website on the home page. In addition, you may choose from a selection of free creative templates for download and print online or make your own using canva.

You can create your own templates using Canva, Envato, or the free templates on the home page. Templates are a great way to improve efficiency and productivity through structured planning. When it comes to decor and home improvement templates, help you organize your ideas in a structured format concerning budgeting, decor, color pallets, room inventory.

Structured planning increases productivity.

According to Canadian clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson keeping a schedule or day planner is not about following a rigorous, militant routine but planning the day you want. One of the key elements to productivity is setting micro-goals.

Structure your thoughts into goals– The primary purpose of a plan is to develop a framework for the entire structure, this is done by identifying finite details.

Set a deadline

You can set a deadline for when the entire project should be completed, then follow up with breaking down tasks into smaller goals, each with an allocated time frame for completion. However don’t become disheartened if you don’t meet a deadline, Remember, the best project is a completed one.

Mental well-being– Writing down your thoughts is cathartic and helps improve mental clarity and decision making; it also reduces symptoms of anxiety.

For more information about planning and ordered tasks click the link below


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