Wake-up pretty. Seven products that help you glow up while you sleep By Sharilynn H

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People often say beauty is on the inside; this is true; how we feel about ourselves often expresses itself outwards. Looking and feeling beautiful is often a result of adopting healthier habits and lifestyle choices.

I‘ve selected products I’ve tried and tested that offer benefits both physically and psychologically. A beauty regime often requires maintenance; however, a good beauty regime should be affordable and practicable.

Hydrate one hour before bedtime with coconut water.

Coconut water is an organic product rich in nutrients and vitamins. containing nutrients like B vitamins Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin as well as trace amounts of thiamin (B1), Vitamin C, potassium, and sodium. It also contains some simple carbohydrates (sugars) and amino acids. it is known to reduce fine lines, increase skin hydration and elasticity, increase collagen production, and gives skin a visible “glow” Since coconut water contains vitamin C, it also increases cell turnover. Keeping the body hydrated while sleeping allows it to rid itself of toxins.

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Possible side effects

Coconut water contains potassium, consuming too much can increase potassium levels in the blood to become too high leading to kidney problems and irregular heartbeat. Having too much potassium in your blood can be dangerous. Potassium affects the way your heart’s muscles work. 

While I enjoy sharing tips about beauty, health safety is always my first concern. Coconut water also contains sugar so it might not be ideal if you’re looking to lower your sugar intake however it’s low in carbs and still a healthy choice. However, drinking one glass is unlikely to do harm. While there are various studies that suggest normal tap water is just as effective studies show benefits in both.

Ceramides -get the pregnancy glow without being pregnant

Pregnant women are often said to have a glow. The glow is often due to various hormonal changes that increase the production of ceramides. Ceramides help create a barrier to prevent permeability locking moisture into your skin, which helps prevent dryness and irritation. There are various ways to increase ceramides such as supplements or topical solutions. One of the best-known affordable products currently on the market is CeraVe. Products. These products are known to be formulated with ceramides that help the skin maintain a healthy glow.

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The science behind CeraVE

CeraVe’s moisturizers are imbued with three essential ceramides. They contain hyaluronic acid as well as three essential ceramides which also occur naturally in the skin and are important for a healthy skin barrier. They also contain lipids, also known as oils which are 50% responsible for our skin’s ability to retain moisture. It’s an impressive product that actually delivers.

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They also have products for diabetics. People with diabetes are more prone to dryness and itching of the skin, the website offers a wide range of skincare products providing solutions for different problems. Their website is also very detailed in terms of disclosing the ingredients they use. It’s an impressive product that actually delivers.

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Sleep on your back

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Sleeping on your back prevents your from waking up with swollen puffy eyes. For many people it’s normal to wake up with a puffy face, this is due to overnight fluid retention due to laying down, however, you can decrease it by sleeping slightly more elevated. An elevated pillow is a great option since it offers multiple benefits such as back support for women during pregnancy, reduces sleep apnea, and snoring.

The wedge pillow

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Sleeping on a wedge pillow provides just enough elevation for the upper body, which prevents mucus from pooling at the back of the throat. Ultimately, this reduces inflammation and irritation, leading to better overall health. Back pain. Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their pillow. But in addition to your mattress, it’s one of the single most important factors in quality of sleep. If you’re simply using a pillow because it’s the same one you’ve always used, it might be time to reevaluate your options

Benefits of an elevated pillow

While some people simply enjoy the feel of wedge pillows, some choose it for its health benefits since its also known to improve or eliminate symptoms related to:

  • Snoring and sleep apnea. 
  • Cough and post-nasal drip. 
  • Back pain. 
  • Nighttime asthma. 
  • Post-operative care.

Avoid the Einstein look by using a silk wrap to protect your hair and skin

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Cotton pillowcases create friction as you sleep, as well absorbs moisture from your hair and skin. A silk pillowcase one of the best investments you can make since it’s proven to reduce hair breakage and improve skin texture. and Silk keeps hair strands protected, and retains moisture in the skin and hair. It also a great option for acne-prone skin.

Satin vs Silk

Satin – satin is more affordable and offers similar benefits. It’s also more durable than silk, albeit it is less luxurious than a silk pillowcase. Silk is a natural protein fiber composed mainly of fibroin. Fibroin is an insoluble protein present in silk produced by numerous insects. It’s what gives silk its creamy, soft silky texture. Silk is generally more expensive as well as more delicate.

A great option that supports animal-free cruelty is Ahimsa Silk; their brand is known as peace silk since no silkworms killed during the sourcing process. However, they do range on the more pricey side. But you can find much cheaper alternatives on Amazon.

Humidifier- Improves skin and respiratory health

Dry and very humid air can affect your health and the condition of your home. When air is too humid, it can encourage mold and mildew growth which can contribute to health issues, as well as cause potential damage to your home. If you have asthma or another respiratory illness, dry air may make it worse.

A humidifier may help alleviate health symptoms like asthma. A humidifier adds either warm or cool moisture into the air in the form of vapor mist. It can help you regulate the humidity in your home but must be regulated and well-maintained or it may make asthma symptoms worse.

Moist air may help prevent dry skin: Dry air may cause dry skin. When your skin is dry, it may crack and wrinkle more easily. Below is a list of other health benefits.

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  • Dry eyes
  • Sore throat
  • Dry nasal passages
  • Bloody nose
  • Make colds and flus worse
  • Chapped skin and lips
  • Itchy, dry skin
  • Worsened asthma and allergy symptoms

Wake up with pink lips and rosy cheek using the – Clarins water lip

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I saved the best for last !!!!! This is one of my all-time favorite products. The Clarins water lip works as a barely-there feel that works for lips and cheeks. Apply a little bit at night on your lips and cheeks before bed and wake up with a natural-looking rosy glow. It’s none transferable, so it shouldn’t stain your clothes or bed sheets. However, products can react differently on different skin types so I won’t claim this to be 100% accurate however it has not stained any of my sheets so far.

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Enriched with plant extracts, – They are buildable shades that are moisturizing, mask-proof, stray-proof, smooch-proof, and fade-proof that come in 6 shades

  • Rose water –
  • Orange water-
  • Red water-
  • Violet water-
  • Candy water-
  • Deep red water-

The six shades and all are pigmented, bright, and feels almost weightless (literally like water), and does not try your lips. They also compliment all skin tones, the price retails at 105AED which is around 29 dollars. Another advantage is that it lasts relatively long since you don’t need to use a lot of products.

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Many of the products I’ve listed are meant to improve overall health and not focus on physicality alone.

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