Get inspired, and hydrated-Summer infused water

Impress your guests this summer by serving water infused with your favorite fruits. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, Its healthy tastes amazing and sets a fun tropical tone for the season.

What is infused water?

Infused water is also known as detox water. Infused waters or detox waters work on the gastrointestinal system to rid it of toxins and other unhealthy build-up substances, which slows down the metabolic system. Infused water can generally be any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in cold water

Health benefits

In addition to increasing your vitamin intake, infused water can also increase your natural water consumption. Water helps to speed up your body’s metabolism, boost energy levels, prevent cramping, and many another important benefit.

Time to infuse

How long should I infuse the water? 1-2 hours at room temperature or in the fridge for 3-4 hours to achieve the potent flavor and watercolor.

Storage Time

Fresh infused water should be stored in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator for about six days. Before drinking, be sure to inspect the water for any spoilage.

What do you need to make infused water?

The checklist

  • Storage glass bottle
  • fruit
  • flowers- optional
  • filtered water or tap water

Once you’ve made infused water, you most likely want to make it again. There is a variety of serving and storage options. It’s best to store infused water in reusable glass containers or bottles. However, any container that offers an airtight seal is ideal

Fruit-vegable options

You can add a variety of fresh fruits to your water, such as watermelon, cucumber, blueberries, mint, as well as plenty of exotic fruits like mango and kiwi. Below is a list of fruit you can use to turn your fusion water into an exotic H20 oasis.

  • Lemon. great for adding vitamin C to your diet.
  • Lime. …
  • Cucumber. …
  • Strawberries. …
  • Raspberries. …
  • Blueberries. …
  • Blackberries. …
  • Watermel

Flowers and Herbs

Flowers and herbs make for an excellent addition to fusion water. For example, Mint and hibiscus pair well with lemon and lime since they complement the fruit’s sweetness, tangy, and freshness. However theres a range of other edible flowers and frutis you can use. See list below

Borage blossom

These beautiful blue, star-shaped flowers from the borage plant taste a bit like cucumber. They are often used in salads. They are also delicious in lemonade refreshing cocktails and infused water.

Other alternatives

  • Lavender
  • rose petals
  • Jasmin
  • mint
  • sage
  • rosemary
  • honeysuckle
  • Marigolds
  • safron

If you loved this article, please check out the link below for my infusion water recipe.

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