House of wisdom Ai-operated library. By Sharilynn H

When the past meets the future


Sharjah is a city known for its mix of European and Islamic architecture and its museums and cultural centers. It’s no surprise the UAEs first Ai smart library is located there. While the UAE, particularly Dubai, is known for its colossal skyscrapers, modern infrastructure, and technological advancements. Some people may not know that the United Arab Emirates is so much more than just its towering skyscrapers and extravagant hotels. The UAE is fast gaining global recognition for its investments into projects that support sustainability and various arts and culture projects. Technological advancements and IA is the future. However, if you like me, I still love the idea of reading an actual book as opposed to an E-reader. The is no shortage of books for avid readers since The house of wisdom houses more than 305,000 books.

The House of Wisdom

The house of wisdom is situated in Sharjah, also known as the capital of arts and culture. It’s the home of the prestigious Sharjah university. Sharjah’s main focus is encouraging arts and cultures and enforces the importance of academia, knowledge and views continuous learning as an important part of social and economic development. So if you’re into arts and culture, particularly art exhibitions, then Sharjah is probably a place to visit. In fact, they are currently hosting an art exhorting called the ashes that depicts the aftermath of the devastation caused by the Iraqi war. 


House of wisdom is a pretty good representation of what the future holds in old meets new. While technology advances, accessibility to information has become easier than ever. However, books remain an important part of our cultural identity. So, instead of focusing solely on a modern technological approach, the library has incorporated a modern approach to learning without compromising the history and integrity that we’ve come to love about books. In fact, it emphasizes the importance of books since they are something connected to our cultural history and identity. In addition, it has a wide range of facilities such as a lab and conference rooms that you may rent. At first glance, you may think that its modern feel might not work well with the concept of a library, but it’s quite the opposite; it has a relaxing atmosphere, everyone is friendly. It’s a very comfortable environment that offers something for all ages. Sharjah’s house of wisdom has successfully merged the past and the future. 

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