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“Lauryn Morley, a lower school substitute teacher for the Washington Waldorf School in Bethesda, Maryland, works from her home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, on April 1, 2020 in Arlington, Virginia. – Her role in the school changed significantly when Coronavirus hit. She was previously working part time to support teachers when they needed to be absent from the classroom and now she helps them to build skills with new digital platforms so they can continue to teach in the best way for their students and their families.The middle school (grades 6-8) has most regularly been using Zoom and the lower grades have been using Zoom with parents”

Despite the fact that I do not believe that face-to-face learning should be completely replaced, hybrid learning does offer numerous benefits. During the pandemic, we saw a rise in remote work and companies utilizing alternative methods to keep schools and businesses open. Even though many companies have used platforms like Skype before, online training or “work from home” were not as readily accepted as better alternatives to face-to-face meetings.

Online learning and engagement have been influenced not just by the pandemic, but by a steadily growing trend toward user interfaces that has existed long . Various reasons contribute to the current state of affairs, which are influenced by the current economic climate. It appears that in the postindustrial age companies and educational institutions are creating hybrid work/earning arrangements that are partially influenced by Generation Z’s demand for affordable education and preference for work life flexibility. 

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Student retention

One of the main recurring problems students face is student retention. Correct academic preparation, time management, and learning various study methods can help better prepare students for the demands and workload they will face. In spite of this, strategies and study methods are subjective to the individual; hence, the paradigm for what contributes to academic success is continuously changing.

Learning methods have changed significantly with more modern approaches such as the use of technology and social media, which are used for social engagement and international interactive learning. It is true that some educational institutions may still employ traditional methods, but many other institutions use more modern methods. In a technologically evolving and developing world, schools are adopting more modern approaches as they recognize the power and importance of technology and social media to advance learning and foster innovation

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The influence of social media on traditional learning. 

The popularity of social media and online engagement has grown exponentially as technology has developed. Several studies have found that even though there is no reliable information about social media’s long-term effects, it has a number of benefits when used in the right way. With the integration of social media and the internet into learning, students have instant access to an encyclopedia of information. 

Sites such as TikTok, Google, Quora, and platforms such as zoom have risen in popularity since covid. When compared to Skype, Zoom offers a seamless, interactive experience that allows for easy interaction in business meetings or classrooms. Its competitive advantage is its ease of use and high-quality audio/video output. A benefit of online learning is that it provides instant online interaction, as well as access to a variety of sources of credited information, such as academic journals, professional speakers, online lectures, etc.

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Learning colleges have the ability to connect with students through social media networks such as
Facebook, Google Plus groups, and YouTube. These channels can be used to communicate campus
news, make announcements and provide students with useful information” (LCBS)
Because of the influence of technology, online studies have played a key role in the advancement and evolution of education systems. The stigma associated with earning a degree online has diminished, providing further evidence that the internet and technology have contributed to the growth of higher education in a positive way. 

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It is no longer necessary for students to study alone or to feel isolated; using some of these methods allows students to interact with teachers and other students online.  When used in moderation, social media and modern technology not only allows a student to explore and learn from others on an international scale, it may also provide online support for issues for a student who wishes to stay anonymous.

— Matters relating to mental health, relationships, financial difficulties, or tips on budgeting. It is possible for some schools to urge students to work harder without providing them with instructions on how to do so. As an example, social media and online engagements with others may provide valuable learning opportunities. “social media has gained credibility over the years and seen as a trusted source of information” (LCBS) Several credited sites allow experts and non-experts to share ideas and discuss various topics. There are a lot of online sites where people can ask questions and receive professional responses.

The following are some of the most popular online platforms for information and research:

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As a result of the convenience and affordability of online learning platforms and tools like massive open online courses (MOOCS), students have access to a wide variety of high level and engaging courses. In recent years, MOOCs have become increasingly popular because they provide free online learning programs. Sophia Learning, and straight line a favorite of mine, allows you to take advanced courses that are worth college credits that you can transfer toward a degree. Despite the fact that this platform is subscription-based, there may be others that provide free courses, which I will list below. 

Online learning platforms


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Open Culture Online Courses

 Academic Earth 


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