We all struggle with productivity, especially since the exponential growth of technology has us glued to our phones 24/7. While technology has advanced and made aspects out lives more convenient, studies have shown we have regressed our ability to process information and store it long term. For example, Microsoft conducted a study in 2000 to measure the average attention span of people. Based on 2000 studies, it was estimated to be around 12 seconds; however, by 2018, it had dropped to eight. There no doubt that social media usage is partially responsible for it. Social media has become the go-to drug for an instant hint of self-validation and inspiration. However, like most drugs, the effects are short-lived.

We often look for inspiration in places easily accessible such as social media and the internet. Many, in search of motivation in the form of escapism. While social media is a great platform to share information and learn interesting new things, it can become overwhelming to process that amount of data. Without setting purposeful goals, we may risk falling victim to complacency and using short-term distractions to solve a problem when the reality is that things like social media offer distractions with very few solutions.

When used correctly, the internet can be a powerful tool; you can use it to grow your business, learn a new language and even collaborate with people on various projects thousands of miles away. Whether we like social media or not, the internet is going to be around for a while. So we might as well use it to our advantage.


Studies have shown that we perform better in productivity when we have a to-do list—preferably written down in a journal. Below are some easy steps to increase productivity by using your creativity.

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Organize your closet by creating your own style creative look book.

Get rid of clothes you no longer wear, reorganize your closet or create your lookbook with cool creative outfit ideas. You can ask your friends to join and share style inspirations. In my next article, I discuss ways to find your ideal style. Personal style isn’t designer bags or maintaining a particular look or aesthetic. It’s comfortable in your skin, self-awareness, confidence, creativity, and personality.

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